Great Lakes Hockey League

When a team

Thursday Mar 20, 2014 - 7:30am CT
By: Steve "Elvis" Behlendorf

Isn't Really, a Team....

    Most hockey folks and a lot of others have seen the movie

    "Youngblood". A movie featuring Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze

    and Cynthia Gibbs. It's hockey movie covering the fictional life

    of Dean Youngblood as he tries to make the transission to adult

    hockey in Canada on what he hopes will lead to an NHL career.


    Youngblood felt he was a natural and was destine for bigger

    things. All through his life growing up on the ice Youngblood

    dominated most aspects of the game, but not all.... In a scene

    where Dean's playing his first game as a Hamilton Mustang,

    Dean is on the same shift as Derrik Sutton (Patrick Swayze)

    and as the play moves down the ice, Dean feels he should be

    the one controlling the puck, as he feels he will score. A heated

    confrontation arises between Derrik and Dean after the play,

    in which Derrik tries to instill the team concept in Dean.


    One man may be the team, but is not a team by himself. A

    Youngblood,.... may think he or she is the team, but needs

    the team to be the team. You have young players who try

    out for the adult teams every year thinking they,... will be the

    star. They,... may think they can play better than everyone else

    out on the ice. They,... may have that skill set, but they must

    accept that they need the team to succeed, more than the team

    may need them.


    The lines of players you see out on the ice, usually have the

    fortune of those players playing well together as a team. But on

    occasion, sometimes on a road game, you may have a short

    bench. In a case like that, an individual must learn to play with

    others not normally on his line. The individual must learn to be

    more open to the skills of others and play the puck as a team.


    This past Friday found the Bears on one of those road games

    in Monroe, Wisconsin playing the Madison Blues. The bench

    may have been a little short, so the Bears showed how well

    they play as a team.


    It may have been Madison's #18 Clinton Anderson scoring first

    with 8:44 gone on a power play, but it was the Bears who once

    again roared as a team. Bears #12 Chris Thompson tallied first

    with about 4-1/2 minutes left as #10 Cory George and #28 Jake

    Schultz collected assists. George lit the lamp himself 78 ticks later

    with the help of #6 Grant Gysbers as the Bears held a 2-1 lead

    at the first break.


    The Blues' #3 Ryan Roeming collected his first of the contest

    about 9-1/2 minutes into the 2nd frame to knot the contest at 2

    all. And it was Madison's collecting his 2nd tally of the night

    about 2-1/2 minutes later to post the Blues to a 3-2 lead. When

    you need a rally, count on the Bears! With about a minute left

    in the 2nd Bears' Schultz lit the lamp as Thompson and #24

    Robbie "Red" Coleman assisted. And,... 32 ticks later it was

    Thompson who rallied for the lead, tallying his 2nd as Coleman

    collected his 2nd assist. The Bears held a slim 4-3 lead heading

    into the 3rd period.


    As play got under way in the 3rd, it was the Bears' #17 James

    Goodfellow taking passes from George and #9 Terry Kalata to

    forge the Bears a 2 goal lead with 2:09 gone. Madison's #21

    Matt Strang  did his best to cut that lead, ringing one up about

    3 minutes later. Yet,.... less than 2 minutes later, Bears' Thompson

    collected his hat trick goal unassisted to rebuild that lead. Yet,

    the Blues' would not fade as Roeming collected his 2nd of the

    night on a power play with 10:51 gone in the frame. With a little

    less than 5 minutes left in the period, Madison knotted the contest

    at 6 all as #14 Casey Davenport found twine. And,... with about

    3-1/2 minutes left, it was the Bears Coleman who sealed the deal,

    ringing up a pass from Thompson to post the Bears to a 7-6 win!


    The Saturday night road game against Vernon Hills was a 1-0

    Bears win via a forfeit. The Bears are at home this Friday for a

    big game against West Bend, and on Saturday against Eagle

    River, not Vernon Hills as scheduled. The Bears record thus far:


    13-8-1  (27 points)  League          16-10-1  Overall


    Elvis -- "the Growl" of the Fond du Lac Bears

Pond Hockey

Wednesday Feb 12, 2014 - 8:55am CT
By: Elvis


    If I told anyone they were playing shinny in Eagle River, Wisconsin

    this past weekend, folks might have given me a really funny look.

    WTF? might have been a response. Shinny, as it's sometimes called

    in Canada, is another name for pond hockey. The term itself loosely

    refers to any form of disorganized ice hockey that is played outdoors.

    Hockey that was played up in Eagle River this past weekend was

    outdoors, but hardly disorganized.


    Shinny, has its origins in Navajo Native American culture about a story

    where a stranger challenged a Navajo god to a game of shinny to free

    some slaves. You can further research this on the internet if you're



    Pond hockey is played outdoors, usually on a lake, pond or any body

    of frozen water. The "rink" is about 50-80% the size of a standard NHL

    rink and has no boards or glass, with its' borders usually set with snow

    banks. Goals are usually hand made, may be as wide as a standard

    goal, but in most cases, only as high a hockey puck standing on edge.

    There is no set number of players for the game, but is usually 4 on 4

    and does not feature a goalie. Thus, more emphasis is placed on skating

    and puckhandling and less on shooting and checking. The game is

    simple and discourages hard physical contact.


    The Fond du Lac Bears ventured North this past Saturday, not nessacarily

    to play pond hockey, but to play an exhibition game against the Eagle

    River Falcons in their fabled wooden dome.


    The Falcons took advantage of home ice and a home crowd and

    seized early momentum. That momentum carried Eagle River to a

    4-0,first period lead as the Falcons collected goals from #8 Cody Litvinoff,

    #22 Derek Tijan, #10 D.J. Drayna and #21 Alex Hausworth. Eagle

    River added a goal from #14 Alex Racino in the 2nd frame to build

    a 5-0 advantage heading into the final frame.


    The Bears never give up though! #47 Kyle Larrivee got the Bears on

    the board 57 ticks into the 3rd, taking passes from #10 Cory George

    and #25 Ryan Blick to cut the deficit to 5-1. 17 seconds later, it was

    Falcons #19 Mike Otto padding the margin back to 5. 2:54 into the

    period #16 B.J. Gottsacker tacked on a goal for Eagle River, and at

    6:28 into the frame, #14 Alex Racino added his 2nd of the contest.


    The Bears hung tough though, as #28 Jake Schultz found twine with

    11:13 remaining, as #16 Simon Hedeen collected the assist. Yet on

    this night the rally fell short as the Falcons prevailed 8-2 in the

    exhibition tilt.


    Fond du Lac returns to home ice next Friday and Saturday for big

    time show downs with GLHL rivals West Bend Bombers (2/14) and

    the Madison Blues (2/15). The Bears thus far:


    9-4-0  (18 points)  League         12-6-0  Overall


    Elvis -- "the Growl" of the Fond du Lac Bears

Back in action

Friday Jan 10, 2014 - 11:17am CT
By: Terry Zimmerman

The Bears are back in action on Friday, January 10th at 8:00 PM against the Southern Division leading West Bend Bombers.  January 17th and 18th the Bears are off as the annual Kohlman Cup comes to town for a great weekend of no check hockey.

When a concussion....

Friday Jan 10, 2014 - 11:15am CT
By: Steve Behlendorf

Ends a promising,....

   Career. I was a little dis-hearted as of late when I learned of an

   amateur hockey player who had to give up serious hockey due

   to a less than favorable diagnosis of concussion symptoms. The

   individual might still be able to play recreational hockey, but

   physical hockey is out of question at this time.


   Lately, you've been hearing more and more mention of concussions

   and it's usually from pro football. There has been mention as of late

   of former NHL players exhibiting signs of concussions, but are

   usually over shadowed by the talk of law suits by ex-football players.


   A concussion, simply put, occurs when a blow to the head shakes

   within the space between your skull and brain. It can occur to anyone

   that may fall and strike his or her head against something. A lot of

   mild concussions go unreported as symptoms may disappear within

   minutes and the individual may think nothing of it. Early symptoms

   may include confusion, disorientation, memory loss, unconsciousness,

   unequal size pupils, headache, dizziness, tinnitus, vision changes,

   vomiting and nausea.


   This was meant to highlight the problem, not to be a medical summary.

   If you even remotely suspect a concussion, you may want to further

   research the subject on the internet. And you suspect you may have

   symptoms, by all means,.. see a doctor!


   The Fond du Lac Bears hit the road this past weekend, traveling North

   to Mosinee on Friday to battle the Papermakers. This rivalry is always

   intense, and is usually a highlight in league tournament. It was the

   Papermakers who tallied first at 4:42 into the second frame with #5 Michael

   Kucil lighting the lamp. The Bears struck back a little over 3 minutes

   later as #28 Jake Schultz connected on a #20 Tom Glomski pass. With

   15:18 gone in the second, the Bears capitalized on a power play, as #27

   Tyler Grebe found twine, with #4 Mark Pontow and #14 Cory Smith



   A 2-1 lead didn't last long in the 3rd, as Mosinee evened the score 1:47

   in as #27 James Jernberg connected. The Bears briefly retook the lead

   at 3:58 as Schultz collected his 2nd goal and Glomski collecting his 2nd

   assist. And it turned see-saw as Mosinee knotted it at 3 all at 5:26 as #19

   Colin Blair lit the lamp, and then surged ahead at 7:35 as #3 Theran Bauer

   rang up a power play goal. Yet,... the Bears clawed back as #14 Smith

   visited the red light district with #6 Grant Gysbers getting the assist at 8:31

   into the 3rd. With 5:56 remaining, #25 Ryan Blick gave the Bears a 5-4

   lead with #16 Simon Hedeen assisting, only to watch from the penalty box

   as the Papermakers' #13 Eric Vehlow converted on a power play 48 seconds



   Regulation ended in a 5 all tie, and overtime would not settle the contest.

   It took Bears #23 Cody Sokolik to settle it in the shoot out as the Bears

   prevailed 6-5.


   Saturday night found the Bears in Appleton, playing the Fox Cities Ice Dogs.

   The Ice Dogs are always tough, and it's rare when the Bears win one in

   Fox Cities barn. This one would be no different. At 7:09 of the first the Ice Dogs

   #23 Michael Jacobson rang one up, followed at 14:35 by #5 Andy Sims.

   But,... so what, who cares, here come the Bears! Always pulling together as

   a team, Bears #22 Tyler Acheson, took passes from #20 Tom Glomski and

   #4 Mark Pontow to narrow the gap to 2-1 at 1:02 left in the opening frame.


   The second frame saw no scoring, and Fox Cities held the 2-1 edge heading

   into the final frame. 16 ticks, #28 Jake Schultz knotted the contest at 2 all,

   as #2 Tyler Gross collected the assist. And it was #22 Acheson,... who with

   5:12 left, took a break away, and squeezed the puck in between #1 Drew Chaney's

   pads and the post. From there, the Bears stymied all the Ice Dog rallies, to

   hang on for a 3-2 victory. #1 Randy Willis was solid on both nights, stopping

   41 of 46 at Mosinee and 23 of 25 at Fox Cities.


   The Bears have off next weekend, before returning home on Friday January

   10th. The Bears record thus far:


   7-1-0  (14 points)  League          9-2-0  Overall